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This case study explores how Spotlight GB a branding and digital marketing agency, holistically transformed NFC Biz, a brand specialising in innovative NFC cards. Our comprehensive services encompassed logo design, packaging creation for various product lines, e-commerce website development, and social media establishment, ultimately propelling NFC Biz into the online marketplace and generating over 100 leads.




New Brand, Unestablished Presence: NFC Biz lacked a distinctive brand identity, hindering brand recognition and customer trust in a competitive market.

01 No E-commerce Platform

The absence of an online store limited NFC Biz's reach and potential customer base.

02 No Proper B2B Structure

NFC Biz, having established itself in the B2C market, desired to expand into the B2B sector. They wanted to effectively manage multiple users, create virtual cards, and much more.

03 Non Existent Social Media Presence

Without established social media channels, NFC Biz struggled to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness.

Brand Identity Development

Spotlight GB designed a minimalist logo for NFC Biz, reflecting the sleek and modern nature of their product. This logo served as the foundation for a cohesive brand identity.

Packaging Design

We designed unique and visually appealing packaging for each NFC Biz product line: Biz Pro, Biz Original, Biz Tag, and Review Cards. These designs effectively communicated the functionality and target audience of each product.

E-commerce Website Development

Spotlight GB developed a user-friendly e-commerce website for NFC Biz, featuring:

Educational Content

Informative posts explaining the benefits and applications of NFC technology, creating a knowledgeable and engaged audience.

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Product Showcase

Compelling visuals highlighting the design and functionality of each NFC Biz card, generating product interest.

Mobile First

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Virtual Card Creation and Management

Simplified NFC Card Programming

Spotlight GB developed a user-friendly mobile app for NFC Biz, featuring key functionalities:

Website Links

Seamless integration of website URLs, enabling users to direct potential clients to their online presence with a simple tap.

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Social Media Links

Easy integration of social media profiles, allowing users to connect with others instantly through NFC technology.

Contact Information

Convenient storage of contact details like phone numbers, emails, and social media handles for effortless sharing.

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Customisation Options

The app offered a selection of pre-designed templates for users to personalise their NFC cards. These templates could be customised.

Dashboard Development

nfc dashboard 664f51ed26901

User Management

Spotlight GB developed a custom dashboard solution for NFC Biz, featuring key functionalities

01 Admin Controls

The dashboard empowered NFC Biz administrators (managers) to create, edit, and deactivate user accounts for employees within their organisation.

02 Role-Based Access Control

Granular access control allow admins to assign specific permissions to different user roles, ensuring data security and streamlined workflows.

B2B-Centric Features

01 Bulk Ordering

The dashboard facilitated efficient bulk ordering of physical NFC cards for B2B clients.

02 Reporting and Analytics

The system provided reporting and analytics tools, enabling admins to track virtual card usage and gain valuable insights into campaign performance or data sharing effectiveness.


New Brand, Unestablished Presence: NFC Biz lacked a distinctive brand identity, hindering brand recognition and customer trust in a competitive market.

01 Cohesive Brand Identity

The minimalist logo and unique packaging design established a strong and recognisable brand identity for NFC Biz, differentiating them from competitors.

02 Functional E-commerce Platform

The user-friendly e-commerce website provided NFC Biz with a platform to reach a wider audience and facilitate online sales.

03 Social Media Engagement

Establishing social media presence allowed NFC Biz to connect with potential customers, generate brand awareness, and ultimately, generate leads through all implemented services.

04 Empowered B2B Expansion

The custom dashboard equipped NFC Biz with the necessary tools, paving the way for successful expansion into the B2B market.


Spotlight GB's comprehensive branding and digital marketing strategy empowered NFC Biz to successfully launch into the e-commerce market. Through a minimalist logo, unique packaging designs, a user-friendly e-commerce website, and engaging social media presence, NFC Biz established a strong brand identity, garnered customer interest, and generated valuable leads, paving the way for their continued online growth.

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