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This case study explores how Spotlight GB, a digital marketing agency, implemented a multifaceted strategy to generate leads for Prolog, a leading fulfilment company. Our approach encompassed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads campaigns, and targeted email marketing initiatives, culminating in a significant increase in qualified leads for Prolog.




Prolog, a well-established fulfilment company, sought to expand its client base and generate a higher volume of qualified leads. However, they lacked a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve their goals.

Prolog Growth Chart 2


SEO Optimisation

Spotlight GB conducted a thorough SEO audit of Prolog's website, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to:

01 Enhance Keyword Targeting

Optimise website content and meta descriptions to target relevant keywords searched by potential clients seeking fulfilment services.

02 Improve On-Page Optimisation

Ensure Prolog's website adhered to best practices for technical SEO and user experience, positively impacting search engine ranking.

03 Build Backlinks

Implement a white-hat link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, further boosting Prolog's domain authority and search visibility.

Google Ads Campaign Development

We developed targeted Google Ads campaigns for Prolog, focusing on:

01 Identifying User Intent

Understanding the specific needs and search queries of potential fulfilment service customers.

02 Crafting Compelling Ads

Creating persuasive ad copy that highlighted Prolog's unique selling propositions and value proposition.

03 Landing Page Optimisation

Ensuring landing pages provided a clear understanding of Prolog's services and prompted visitors to take action (e.g., contact for a quote).


Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

Spotlight GB designed and executed strategic email marketing campaigns for Prolog, including:

01 Segmenting Email Lists

Categorising Prolog's contacts based on demographics or interests to deliver more relevant and personalised email content.

02 Crafting Engaging Emails

Developing email content that provided valuable information about Prolog's services, addressed customer pain points, and offered compelling calls to action.

03 Leveraging Email Marketing Automation

Utilising email marketing automation tools to streamline campaign execution, trigger timely email sends based on user behaviour, and personalise the customer journey.

Email Marketing 1


01 Increased Organic Traffic

SEO efforts resulted in improved website ranking and organic traffic, attracting potential clients actively searching for fulfilment services. With 128K Total impressions and 4 Positions up the ladder.

02 Qualified Leads Generation

Google Ads campaigns generated a significant influx of qualified leads, with users who were demonstrably interested in Prolog's offerings.

03 High Email Open Rates

Targeted email marketing campaigns achieved an impressive open rate exceeding 60%, indicating successful audience engagement with Prolog's content.

04 Increased Clicks

A notable rise in the number of clicks on Prolog's ads, indicating that the ads were effective in capturing user attention and driving traffic to their website.

05 Improved Conversion Rates

Targeted email marketing campaigns achieved an impressive open rate exceeding 60%, indicating successful audience engagement with Prolog's content.

06 Reduced Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA)

A decrease in the cost required to acquire each new lead through Google Ads, maximising Prolog's return on investment (ROI) for their advertising spend.


Spotlight GB's multifaceted digital marketing strategy, encompassing SEO, Google Ads, and targeted email marketing, empowered Prolog to achieve a substantial increase in qualified leads. By improving Prolog's search engine visibility, attracting high-intent users through Google Ads, and fostering engagement through informative email campaigns, Spotlight GB positioned Prolog to expand its reach, acquire new clients, and solidify its position within the fulfilment industry.

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