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This case study explores how Spotlight GB, a digital marketing agency, implemented a comprehensive strategy to elevate the online presence of SaRivaa Aesthetics, a leading aesthetics clinic. Our efforts encompassed Google Ads campaigns, social media management, and content creation, ultimately leading to a significant increase in brand awareness, audience engagement, and potential customer acquisition.




SaRivaa Aesthetics sought to attract new clients and establish a stronger online presence. However, they lacked a strategic approach to online advertising and social media management.


Google Ads Campaign Development and Management

Spotlight GB developed targeted Google Ads campaigns for SaRivaa Aesthetics, including

01Keyword Research

Identifying relevant keywords that potential customers use when searching for aesthetic treatments online.

02 Ad Creation

Crafting compelling ad copy that highlighted SaRivaa Aesthetics' unique offerings and value proposition.

03 Landing Page Optimisation

Ensuring landing pages provided a seamless user experience and encouraged desired actions (e.g., booking consultations).

Social Media Makeover and Content Strategy

We revamped SaRivaa Aesthetics' social media presence through

01Profile Optimisation

Refining bios, updating visuals, and ensuring consistency across platforms.

02 Engaging Content Creation

Developing high-quality content like informative posts, captivating reels showcasing procedures or patient testimonials, and visually appealing graphics.

03 Strategic Posting

Implementing a consistent posting schedule with a focus on valuable content relevant to SaRivaa Aesthetics' target audience.


01 Increased Online Visibility

Google Ads campaigns generated significant traffic, with 2,730 clicks from potential customers searching for aesthetic services. The organic click count was 1.8K. From 39th Position to 24th position is where we took SaRivaa under a limited time.

02 Improved Lead Generation

The targeted ads resulted in 245 conversions at a cost per conversion (CPC) of £3.65, indicating successful customer acquisition efforts.

03 Enhanced Brand Awareness

Engaging social media content, such as reels, sparked conversations and increased brand awareness for SaRivaa Aesthetics. With a total 151K impressions.

04 Boosted Social Media Engagement

The social media revamp led to a rise in likes, comments, and shares, fostering a more interactive online community around SaRivaa Aesthetics.


Spotlight GB's data-driven approach to online advertising and engaging social media management empowered SaRivaa Aesthetics to achieve a dominant online presence. Google Ads campaigns effectively reached new audiences, while the social media makeover fostered brand awareness and audience engagement. This combination of strategies ultimately positioned SaRivaa Aesthetics to attract new clients and establish itself as a leading player in the aesthetics industry.