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Social Media Management Agency

Our social media management services revamp how you appear online. As an experienced paid social agency, we focus on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. Whether you’re a small or big business, our social media management agency tailors strategies that connect with your audience.

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Compelling Social Media Services & Strategy

Audits And Objectives

Audits And Objectives

First, we’ll assess your current social media presence to ensure they align with your overall marketing plans. We’ll look at what’s working well and where there’s room for improvement. This analysis will be the basis of an effective social media strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

We’ll check how you’re doing on social media compared to your competitors to see what messages your customers are getting. Then, we’ll use our expertise in social media and your industry to suggest ways to make your brand stand out even more.

Target Audience Analysis

Target Audience Analysis

Knowing precisely who your customers are and where to find them for your marketing plans is crucial. If you still need to figure out your target audience, we’ll assist you in understanding who they are and how they use social media.

Channel Enhancement

Channel Enhancement

We’ll help you choose the best social media platforms for your goals. Whether it’s making shopping easier on Pinterest and Instagram, using Facebook’s precise targeting, or capitalising on Twitter’s unique strengths, we’ll find the proper channels for you.

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

Once we’ve determined our direction and target audience, we’ll create a detailed and captivating social media plan to show how we’ll make your brand shine online. We’ll detail the budget and forecasted reach and engagement for paid advertising plans.



Once the strategy is set, we’ll get to work. We’ll create campaign schedules with daily updates and custom media materials. We’ll also design any ads we plan to run, including visuals, and explain how they’ll fit your current social media presence.

Building Campaign

Building Campaign

Now, after the right search we will build up a campaign strategy that will carry out to your advantage. You’ll still own your social media accounts, but we’ll manage them to maintain posting frequency from all of your decided social media accounts with the right strategy and planning.

Social Platform Optimisation

Social Platform Optimisation

As we progress, your customers will share more about their experiences and expectations, providing us with valuable data to enhance your strategy. We’ll implement real-time automation that can quickly respond to customer behaviour, applying these insights across all channels.



We deliver reports according to the metrics in line to your goals. These reports are scheduled according to your preferences, usually weekly or monthly. With the fast pace of social media management agency, we’ll soon notify you of any significant trends with a dedicated account manager.

Book Your Consultation Now

Whether you’re considering a new social media management agency in the UK or seeking your first dedicated team, we’re here to address your inquiries and assist you in connecting with and captivating your target audience. Are you wondering what is the best social media agency near me? Spotlight GB is the best social media marketer when it comes to increasing your online visibility.


Brewing social magic

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Discover New Opportunities

Review whether your current strategy is reaching its full potential and see the exciting possibilities a fresh social media approach could offer.

Optimise Your Approach

Identify untapped social media strategies and determine which platforms propel your business objectives forward most effectively.

Expand Your Social Reach

Learn how our advanced technology can increase your social advertisements worldwide, promoting your brand visibility and profitability.

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Content that converts

Content Planning

We shine as your dedicated Instagram marketing agency and Instagram ads agency, led by a team of social media management agency. As a social media content creation agency, we craft content plans tailored to maximise your brand's presence on Instagram. Our team of social media experts brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that every post and ad aligns with your goals.

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Hitting the bulls-eye


After content planning, our social media experts implement your strategy with precision. As a dedicated social media management agency for small businesses, we ensure your success. We're more than a social media content creation agency; we're your partner for online growth.

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Your brand on a higher sky

Brand promotion

After meticulous implementation, we focus on brand promotion. As social media experts and a trusted social media marketing agency for small businesses, we drive your brand's success. Beyond being a social media content creation agency, we're your key to online growth and effective brand promotion.

Editing For You

We’re here to make your social media shine! As your local Instagram marketing agency, we offer top-notch video editing services. Whether for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, or YouTube Shorts, we’ll ensure your content looks fantastic and grabs attention.

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Reaching the for your page in style and a sought out plan

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Insta Reel

- Instagram Reels that are worthy of the explore page

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Facebook Reel

Engaging Facebook reels that catch eye of the user at all times

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Youtube Shorts

Reaching the audience with your YouTube shorts

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Short Videos

Short videos attract more users and generate more engagement on every platform

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Choose your plan💷

Catch up with your competitors with interesting looking feed, interactive content and a dedicated account manager


£199 / per Month

Page/channel evaluation Content creation

Schedule posts

Monthly Reporting

1 Platform

Content calendar

4 Revisions

12 Posts per month

8 Stories

Hashtag & Captions

Engagement with Audience


£349 / per Month

Page/channel Evaluation

Content Creation

Schedule posts

Monthly Reporting

2 Platform

Content Calendar

4 Revisions

16 Posts per month

20 Stories

Hashtag & Captions

Engagement with audience

1 FB/ IG Ad set up

Weekly Meetings


£699 / per Month

Page/channel evaluation

Content Creation

Schedule posts

Monthly Reporting

4 Platforms

Content calendar

Revisions unlimited

28 Posts per month

30 Story Creation 1 PER DAY

Hashtag & Captions

Engagement with audience

Ad budget - E15 per week

Weekly Meetings

pound coin

Choose your plan💷 Meta Ads

Run your marketing campaigns onto the most famous social media platforms, i.e., Instagram and Facebook or also known as Meta.


£500 / per Month

Free Account Setup

Pixel Setup

Upto 3 Campaigns

Static Image Ads

Copy Writing

Audience Research

24/7 Monitoring

Monthly Reporting


£900 / per Month

Free Account Setup

Pixel Setup

Upto 7 Campaigns

Static Image + Carousel Ads

Advanced Copy Writing

Audience Research

Creative A/B Testing

24/7 Monitoring

Conversion API Tracking

Monthly Reporting


£2000 / per Month

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google P-Max Ads

Youtube Ads

Account Review

Competitive Analysis

Audience Interaction Research

Competitive Keywords Research

Campaigns Setup

Competitive Copy Writing

Conversion Tracking

Continuously Bidding Optimisations

Conversion Rate Optimisations

GA4 Tracking


24/7 Monitoring

Manual Optimisations

Monthly Reporting

How We Work ?

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Select Package

Choose from a range of tailored packages, including Instagram, paid social, and more.

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We’ll schedule an initial meeting to discuss your needs and goals

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Our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to create a personalised strategy.

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We help your socials reach the spotlight being the leading social media agency near you

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Frequently Asked Question

Social Media Management agency plans, creates, and handles content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It involves advertising, interacting with influencers, and shaping your brand’s image online to meet your goals.

Social media marketing means using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote businesses. It focuses on goals like making people aware of products, attracting customers, or selling more. It’s all about setting targets and measuring success through likes, followers, and sales.

LinkedIn is a social network for work and careers. It’s excellent for reaching specific groups, like people in certain industries or job roles. Businesses targeting other businesses (B2B) find it really useful, and it’s perfect for catching consumers while they’re at work.

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