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Tools for Monitoring Social Media Management Analytics 2024

Social media monitoring is an effective way to manage and make effective use of your social media. But, it is only possible for a human brain to analyse some of the different types of data in one go. Tools for monitoring social media analytics have been created to carry out such complex actions. They perform the necessary mathematics and give you instant results.

Some Popular Social Media Management Tools In 2024

Some of the best social media analytics tools in 2024 are as follows:


Meltwater is one of the most widely used social media analytics tools. It covers most social media applications like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora etc. Some amazing features of this tool are enlisted below:

  • It helps you to make customised dashboards.
  • It organises everything to observe conversations instantaneously.
  • It helps to identify shifts in community opinion.
  • It manages to analyse profitable strategies.
  • It can aid in monitoring your competitors.
  • It helps you to get unlimited searches.
  • You can collect your data in the form of easy infographics.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another social media management tool. It can be smartly used to gain the following benefits:

  • It helps to manage the daily publication of information.
  • It provides tools for tracking media.
  • It helps to gather messages, mentions and tags from different platforms into one single platform.
  • It helps to find precious opportunities to spend time on.
  • It helps you search for effective keywords for brand and product mentions.
  • It helps to gain social media insights for Twitter only.


Cyfe is yet another tool which provides social media management services. It has some amazing features like:

  • It provides the opportunity to monitor site data, sales journeys, marketing spending, and customer support.
  • It can help you gather data from your own and your competitors’ sites.
  • It allows you to download all the data as a report.
  • It gives you an option to turn on SMS alerts or emails to notify you of any new activity.


Talkwater comes under the category of advanced tools used for social media management. It basically works as a social media marketing agency. Large companies with worldwide chains mainly use it. It allows you to take the following benefits:

  • It allows you to have information on a company’s relationship with its customers.
  • It helps to monitor interactions with public figures.
  • It gives an insight into the company’s reputation.
  • It helps to identify content and reviews written about them.
  • It allows the creation of individualised dashboards to track specific themes and keywords.
  • It helps to keep an eye on brand health.


Social media management tools are the smartest choice to gain valuable profit. The data gathered from social media analytics tools can be very helpful in making tough decisions for your business. Not only does it monitor your own data but also gives insight into the progress of your rivals. They can also act as a social media marketing agency for small businesses.


What are social media analytical tools?

Social media analytical tools are such apps or websites that help to see and monitor the progress of social media content.

What are the four main types of social media tools?

  • Meltwater
  • Sprout Social
  • Cyfe
  • Talkwater

What are the five types of social media analytics?

  • Descriptive Analytics.
  • Diagnostic Analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Quantitative Social Media Analytics.

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