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Top Graphic Design Trends to Look for in 2024

Like in any other field of design, graphic design trends evolve as new technologies and cultural changes show up. Regarding retro pixels, the growing popularity of pixel graphics in the gaming sector and the comeback of nostalgia in popular culture drive this trend.

In 2024, we will eagerly await a fascinating mix of modern tools and historical designs that will fundamentally change how we create and consume visual media.

Whether your degree of experience as a designer or where you are in your creative path, following these trends will keep you current and encourage your creativity. See on to learn the most current graphic design trends for 2024.  

Retro Pixels

Retro pixels, as blocky buddies, are making a good comeback in 2024. They are going to rule website design, branding, and packaging. Subtle inspiration from classic games and a playful wink are added. It not only looks retro but also encourages the fact that simplicity is more than abundance. For instance, when collaborating with Minecraft, Lacoste was designed with pixels that gave it its charm. 

When collaborating with Minecraft, Lacoste was designed with pixels that gave it its charm. 

Experimental Typography

The era of conventional fonts is on the edge of being forgotten since the arrival of experimental typography. Fonts with funky lines, colours, 3D elements, illustrations, and styling are unusual. 

Oatly created an imperfect yet playful and aesthetic logo that is quite attractive.  


You must have been going through the old scrapbook of your childhood filled with sentimental yet playful texts, pictures, and memories. Well, that same level of nostalgia will be the modern graphic design trend in 2024.

Imagine having a website filled with whimsical texts on Polaroid or a brochure designed in a vintage way that reflects fun, creativity, and memories. The purpose is not just to make it aesthetic but also to evolve that sense of nostalgia. It welcomes the imperfections that make things unique. To adapt this trend to your designs, consider using vintage-inspired fonts, pastel colours, and playful illustrations.

Spotify analysed users’ usual listening habits and offered a collage incorporated with their favourite or most heard artists, songs, and genres with playful illustrations and captions, just like a scrapbook in Wrapped 2023. 


Imagine the explosion of textures, patterns, and colours promoting more is more mentality and, at the same time, unapologetically fun and visually attractive. 

Maximalism, a modern graphic design style, uses edgy retro fonts and clashing colour palettes like those in Stranger Things Season 4. In it, the 1980s Hawkins streets are depicted in neon-filled colours and bold typography. Billboards and posters even reflect the mentality of maximalism, which captivates the audience and takes them down to Hawkins. 


Whether it’s the resurgence of retro pixels, the bold experimentation of typography, the sentimental charm of scrapbooking, or the vibrant maximalism, these graphic design trends are not just about aesthetics. They aim to evoke nostalgia and foster connections through creativity. 

2024 is a year to let your bold self come into action. These graphic design trends are ready to be part of your canvas and creativity. 

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